How ShaneBaggs Disrupt Music Industry

ShaneBaggs whose real name is Oshane Martin born January 16th 1996, in Jamaica is an Entrepreneur owning couple business including an cleaning company call Jamon Clean Service and his restaurant he called Shane’s Shack. His Jamaican restaurant is the first in Lexington, KY bringing the first real Caribbean food to the city. ShaneBaggs had a very hustling ambition he even […]

SotgMando Gives Us New Hit Single “Mainline”

The newest artist to emerge on the West Coast rap scene, with a bright future ahead of him, meet SotgMando, a musician from Antioch. The sound of Mando is something that has never been heard before and is wholly exclusive to the city of Antioch. The song “Mainline” is about the hardships, tests, and challenges that the rapper SotgMando faced […]

The Importance of Mentors In Your Career

Mentors can have a strong influence on one’s career development. Mentoring is the optimal way to interact with colleagues and peers who can urge you to develop, learn, and gain valuable experience. Apart from that, mentors are tremendously useful in terms of setting goals, honing abilities, and boosting confidence; they drive you out of your comfort zone in order for you to […]

Energy Spas Making Life Easier With Their Investment Options

Looking at investing options is a major responsibility and a chore if you are unfamiliar with the phrases used. Finance may make your brain spin, causing you to stop looking into it further. Even those who understand how things operate don’t have enough time to consider investment possibilities and financial stability. Many businesses now operate around the clock to meet […]