SotgMando Gives Us New Hit Single “Mainline”

SotgMando Gives Us New Hit Single “Mainline”

The newest artist to emerge on the West Coast rap scene, with a bright future ahead of him, meet SotgMando, a musician from Antioch. The sound of Mando is something that has never been heard before and is wholly exclusive to the city of Antioch.

The song “Mainline” is about the hardships, tests, and challenges that the rapper SotgMando faced while growing up. The major issue discussed in SotgMando’s newest single is the time when his brother committed a crime, and how the consequences of his brother’s actions had a significant and detrimental impact on SotgMando and his family. This song also addresses the following topics: when his sister was incarcerated; losing his brother to gang links; and having to mature at a young age as a result of living the “Thug” lifestyle.

One of the primary characteristics that sets SotgMando apart from the majority of other rappers and musicians is the one-of-a-kind flow and style that he has. SotgMando is a young rapper with a lot of potential who hails from the Bay Area. Although he was born in Antioch, California, he spent his childhood moving about the Bay Area, living in a number of different residences. When he was just 14 years old, he started making music by using a phone and downloading free beats from the internet. After some more time had gone, he was finally in a position to purchase a home studio. After writing down a few lines and stringing them together on a random day, he came up with his rap name.

Check Out His New Hit Single “Mainline” Below: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/sotgmando/mainline

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