Understanding the scope of digital marketing with Rolando Jimenez

A series of planned activities that are carried out online in order to achieve certain company objectives is known as a digital marketing strategy. To put this into Rolando’s words, this refers to carrying out consistent activities at the appropriate moment using the internet channels that are the most appropriate for the purpose of increasing income and improving connections with […]

Why Is Circular Economy The Way Forward?

As more people settle down and take full advantage of the Earth, the resources appear to be depleting and will run out soon if not addressed promptly. Many people are already researching methods to make these resources last longer so that the rest of our days on Earth become more comfortable for us and future generations. It is already distressing […]

Self-Confidence Is Powerful: Meet Angela Brown

The essential key to sticking to the idea of success is possessing the respective personality traits and ensuring that one has the stable belief to make their dreams and goals achievable. It takes the right amount of confidence, sense of responsibility, self-accountability, faith, and trust to pursue what one dreams of. The amalgamation of these personality traits emerges as a […]