What makes new rappers fail? The factors that will stop their success

What makes new rappers fail? The factors that will stop their success

Numerous rappers worldwide are passionate and want to make music to make the world a better place. They want the people to hear their story through the words they rhyme with rhythm and melody. Among them, only a few succeed, and ninety percent of them fail.

The reason for that is not one but several; it doesn’t mean you are not talented; it just means you don’t know how to do the right thing at the right time. You can’t just depend only on your talent; your talent is the tip of the iceberg. There are other factors involved too, which you might need to consider.

Those factors can be piled up into three things and explained below:

  1. They take marketing as a joke

Marketing yourself when it comes to being a rapper should never be your last thought; it should always be your priority. One of the most significant tricks behind rappers who are famous in the pop scene is marketing. You don’t have to hire a big agency and spend a fortune on marketing.

Learning the strategies, you might need to pull the perfect masterpiece and present it to the listeners would be best. These strategies involve making yourself available to the masses (teens and young adults specifically) and gaining a fan base. If you don’t do it, you will lose yourself on the test of time.

And in the modern world, when you have digital platforms like Youtube, Spotify, etc. You can do marketing of your music by yourself. There are many tutorials available that are not complex like traditional marketing.

  •  Expecting Success Overnight

As an artist, always try to avoid being a one-hit-wonder. The temporary fame and glory will only make you prone to failure. It will bebest to expect a longer journey than a short one.

Most failed artists want flash glory, and for that, they do a lot of terrible things, which not only harm their career and reputation but lead them to a doomed career. Be consistent, do your work, and invest in your music and yourself, but never expect something early.

And stop measuring success with the number of albums you have sold, the bank balance you have, and the number of cars you have bought; it is not success.

And remember, you will repeatedly fail until you get there.

  • Lacking consistency

Its consistency defines an artist; your passion and determination mean nothing if you have an inconsistent habit of releasing your music.This doesn’t mean that you should start releasing music in bulk. Release a minor mixtape, single, and, after a year, an album to keep your fans updated.

Moreover, donot rely on industry approval. If you do so, you will be hopeless forever because half of the artists fail because they rely on the support of the mighty figures and giants of music. Build your audience and show the industry what they are missing.

Though these are some of the primary reasons you might face failure in your career, always remember if you learn from your mistakes, you might be able to live through the downfall and rise from the bottom. Travon Payne is one such artist who never gets scared of failure. He is a self-made superstar who started from scratch and is now on the path to his success.

Travon Payne

Travon Payne, better known as Blunt Da Blockmonsta, was born in Los Angeles, California. He grew up with the same dream of becoming a renowned rapper, like every other aspiring musician. That is why in 2003, Payne began his career by becoming part of the band “Static Gang.” He’s recorded 27 tracks for five distinct albums in the group, including Mafia Madness Vol 1, Reloaded, M.O.B Monstaz On Da Block, It’s On Like Donkey Kong, and Motivation. Along with the singles Can’t See, Feel Like, Throw Yo Hood up, Explain, Thumbin, and much more!

However, he didn’t get royalties for any of his work, so he decided to go solo. He created his label, where he released his first album. He earned recognition for his solo album “DaBlockmonsta,” He’s recently received a lot of praise for his memorable and incredible tunes.

He is planning to release its new album DaGuttaSoul called Dangerous Ridaz. He released a single called No Help on Bluejay Wangteam’s album Splurge 2 Retake.

But one message he always gives his fans is,

” I would say, don’t give up on your dreams. Nothing is going to be perfect in life. Just study whatever your interest is, work hard, and it’ll pay off!!”

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