Hungarian Researchers Accidentally Create ‘Sturddlefish’

Hungarian researchers trying to breed Russian sturgeons and American paddlefish in captivity to help their depleted numbers inadvertently created what the Internet is calling a “sturddlefish,” a hybrid version of the two freshwater denizens. The species, revealed in the July 6 issue of the journal Genes, was generated accidentally through a process called gynogenesis, which is a form of asexual […]

Can The Hurricanes Win The Stanley Cup With Mediocre Goaltending?

The Carolina Hurricanes are one of the least successful franchises in NHL history, boasting the third-worst win percentage of the expansion era. Only the Arizona Coyotes and the California Golden Seals/Cleveland Barons have been worse, the latter of which doesn’t exist anymore.1 Aside from a lone Stanley Cup win in 2005-06 — an admittedly extraordinary achievement for any franchise, let […]

Who Made The Most Of The NBA Restart?

The NBA playoffs finally started in earnest on Monday, though most of the league has been in a Disney World bubble since July for the season restart (which included eight games for every team, plus a play-in contest for the Portland Trail Blazers and Memphis Grizzlies). And what did we learn from that sample of games? For players on each […]