Qccess, a South Korean security leading company, announces the launch of FeverMon, a fully automatic thermal imaging camera-based temperature detection system.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 21, 2020 / — SEOUL, KOREA, Aug 21, 2020 / EIN PRESSWIRE — In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic spread all over the world, Qccess, a South Korean security leading company, today announced the launch of FeverMon, a fully automatic, thermal imaging camera-based temperature detection and notification kiosk system equipped with a horizontal display.

The all-in-one thermal imaging camera integrated with a horizontal display, ultra-high performance thermal imaging camera, 43-inch monitor, and high performance Windows 10 PC, is the world’s first. FeverMon is a nickname for Fever detecting Monster.

FeverMon is capable of accurately detecting temperature quickly in 0.5 second targeting those within 3 meters, even for a large crowd of walking people. It doesn’t require people to stand in a line in front of a thermal imaging camera, nor closely approach the camera for temperature measurement.

To achieve this advanced performance, Qccess adopted a core-based ultra-high performance thermal imaging camera module made by IRay, which is the world’s leading thermal imaging camera maker with 311 relevant patents. It features an advanced face recognition algorithm with a +/-0.5℃ range of measurement error, to exactly detect and measure face temperature even in case of wearing a mask or holding a cup of hot coffee. Based on the outstanding specifications, such as MATRIXⅢ patented temperature measurement algorithm, it is renowned as a highly reliable camera module, and more than 200,000 units have been supplied throughout the world.

With artificial intelligence(AI) deep learning, Qccess’ FeverMon is able to automatically detect and trace a face only, measure temperature, scan many people simultaneously in a frame, and check people quickly passing by. Once it detects a certain temperature higher than a preset limit, it automatically raises the alarm and the picture of a corresponding individual is saved in a predefined folder so that an administrator could easily check it out.

FeverMon provides three different imaging modes; real mode, thermal modes, and dual mode to simultaneously show the above-mentioned two modes in a single monitor. Generally, the existing thermal imaging camera systems display thermal imaging only without real imaging, and many feel unpleasant. But since FeverMon enables temperature checking with a full screen of real imaging, it doesn’t expose the contour of the body and therefore, doesn’t cause any displeasure as well.

FeverMon is able to recognize 100 individuals simultaneously per minute, and it is automatically activated and deactivated with a preset start/end schedule. It is also possible to set to raise the alarm if it detects anyone without a mask, and in case of South Korea, the Ministry of Health & Welfare’s electronic access registration(KI-Pass) QR code is also supported.

FeverMon doesn’t require an administrator to keep monitoring, sitting next to a thermal imaging system. As a 24-hour self-checking system, FeverMon based on Windows 10 OS can be easily operated and controlled by a layperson without the need of high-level technique.

FeverMon is an all-in-one system equipped with the 9th generation Intel i5-based high performance PC. It is also safe and convenient to use and move thanks to four heavy duty wheels. A centrally-mounted thermal imaging camera ensures accurate measurement of temperature, and a keyboard- and mouse-mounted foldable shelf makes it look clear and elegant.

It is a follow-up model after the bestselling thermal imaging camera A300i which was sold over 300 units just in 3 months early this year. This totally new model overcomes the existing shortcomings of A300i, which supports only a thermal imaging mode with a separate tripod, monitor, thermal imaging camera, and laptop, and also so many cables for them.

“FeverMon, an integrated kiosk system, with highly improved performance and a sturdy body which won’t be collapsed even by a powerful kick will greatly contribute to the prevention of COVID-19,” and “we will aggressively spur global export around the world, including the U.S., Japan, Asia, Middle East, and Europe,” says CEO of Qccess, Michael Chun.

“There has been a recent upsurge of interest in FeverMon, especially at multi-purpose facilities, including public offices, libraries, museums, art galleries, shopping malls, schools and universities, subway station buildings, police stations, broadcasting stations, theaters, gyms, churches, buffets, restaurants, basketball courts, soccer stadiums, supermarkets, and public bathhouses,” he says.

Key features FeverMon include:

• Quick, accurate and automatic temperature check 24/7
• Simultaneous face recognition up to100 persons per minute
• Zero blind spot thanks to wide field of view and 43″-large screen
• Horizontal kiosk type for good visibility and easy management
• All-in-one system (monitor-PC-camera) without the need of cables
• Smart check by setting alarm sound when not wearing mask
• Essentials for safe environment in the era of COVID-19 Pandemic
• Dual imaging (real- and thermal) for easy and convenient management
• Three imaging modes (real- , thermal- and dual) for sophisticated checks
• AI face recognition and tracking system without any errors
• Smart automatic alarm and screen saving separately in case of an event
• Easy movable design with 4 smooth and robust wheels
• High-performance Windows PC with intel i5 CPU for stable operation
• Keyboard- and mouse-mounted foldable shelf for clear appearance
• Safe system with completely automatic check that requires no measurer
• Easy-to-use user interface(UI) that doesn’t require high skills to operate
• Temperature data storage for all visitors, including those with asymptomatic cases

Ultra Clear thermal camera equipped!

• Highly precise, professional camera that’s able to measure temperature super precisely with a ±0.5℃ range of measurement error
• Advanced face recognition algorithm to exactly detect and measure face temperature even in case of wearing a mask or holding a cup of hot coffee
• A large number of installation cases in various buildings including public offices with large access, based on core supply reference more than 200,000 throughout the world
• Three different imaging modes supported: real, thermal and dual imaging
• AI deep learning-based automatic face recognition and tracking technology

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