Do you know the four triggers of customer pain points?

Every professional – from entry-level to c-level executives undergoes business headaches. As the year passes, these pain points go through an evolution. 

Business owners believe that the more pain, the easier it will be offering a solution to them.

However, that’s a misconception. 

People who go through significant pain may be highly distracted by the issues that selling your product as a solution to them could be very difficult and challenging when compared to marketing your product to people with just a mildly distressing challenge to overcome.

Of all the pain points, these four triggers of pain points are the most common ones;

  • Financial pain points
  • Productivity pain points
  • Process pain points
  • Support pain points

Before we look at these pain points in detail, here’s a pro tip for you to build your email list. I believe you would need this at some point in your marketing journey;

How to find emails?

To build your prospect list, you need to find emails. But how?

It’s pretty straightforward.

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Now, let us look at the four pain points in detail.

Financial pain points

Financial pain points comprise of problems your prospects face concerning money;

  • Membership fees and subscription plans
  • The reduced duration of the product that was primarily made available for a significant period.
  • High purchase or renewal cost

Almost every customer feels that they are overpaying for the product and services they purchase, which gives rise to financial strain.

And every product owners think that their high-end product is worth the high-end price tags. Do you also feel like that?

If so, it would help you greatly if you make an effort to listen to your prospects first.

I understand to have lower prices isn’t the best strategy either. Howbeit, you can enlighten your customers on how spending more money in the initial stage would save them in the future.

Productivity pain points

A considerable population faces the productivity issue.

Productivity pain points challenge your prospect’s ability to carry out activities in an optimized manner.

They are more likely to face challenges concerning convenience, productivity, comfort, etc.

Your responsibility is to show such prospects how your product can resolve their day-to-day issues concerning productivity. 

Let them know how your product or service can make their life more productive and convenient.

Process pain points

Some business processes and systems create a problem. This could even result in productivity pain points.

Your prospects need help to improve their internal processes. 

Now that you know what they need, you will approach them with content that better explains the best solution you have for them.

Support pain points

When you fail to offer the support your customers need at the critical phases of their journey in the sales cycle, it can turn them off.

Hence, you must have an intelligent support system that even has a track record of past inquiries.

Final Thoughts

Identifying your prospects’ or customers’ pain points improves your marketing messages with the best outreach strategies.

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