4 Important Qualities That You Want in Email Marketing Software

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective ways to reach new customers or provide up-selling opportunities with existing clientele. One way to make your campaigns easier to create and manage is to invest in email marketing software that includes features you can put to good use. As you compare different options, make sure these four qualities are found in that software.

List Segmentation and the Creation of Niche Lists

It’s not unusual for business owners to maintain a master list of qualified emails. You may also have a number of lists that are segregated by other data you have about your client base. This can come in handy when you’re preparing an email campaign that’s aimed at a specific consumer demographic.

The software that you use will make the process of list segmentation simple. By interfacing with whatever software you use for maintaining information about individual customers, it’s possible to create lists that only include key decision makers at corporations, individuals who have purchased certain products in the past, and any other qualification that you want. This one feature can save hours in terms of creating a focused email list to use for your campaign.

Aid in Developing Effective Subject Lines

You put a lot of effort into developing the text for the body of those promotional emails. Did you know that the subject line also needs attention? You may be at a loss as to how to word the subject line so that it grabs attention and motivates recipients to open those emails rather than move them to the trash bin.

There are options for marketing software that will help design those subject lines. Using this feature may result in something that’s just what you had in mind. It may also inspire you to come up with something that’s similar and in your opinion more effective. Whatever the case, this feature can shave more time off the overall process of preparing the finished email.

Layout Templates That Work

The layout for the email body is almost as important as the text and any images you choose to include. You’ll find that the better options for email marketing software include templates that you can use to plug in the text and any images that are right for the promotion.

Make sure the templates do allow for some customization, including the colors used. It’s also nice if the template design makes it easy to insert a company logo or slogan as well as the other elements. The result will be an email that’s attractive, easy to read, and more likely to hold the recipient’s attention.

Easy Tracking That You Can Use to Update Lists

Software that helps you analyze the results of an email campaign is invaluable to keeping things organized. Ideally,  the software should be capable of pulling data from your email client or your Internet-based email account related to bounced emails. The goal here is to have an easy way to remove email addresses that seem to no longer be active.

When paired with the opt-out solution that you include at the end of each email, this feature allows you to keep the lists current. If your email is only going out to active email addresses, you can better gauge the rate of responses and determine how effective the campaign was in terms of generating sales.

Consider taking advantage of any free trials and put the email software through the necessary paces before making a purchase. This helps you to determine if it’s easy to use, has the features you want, and will ultimately be the type of asset that you want.

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