The Power of Purpose, Community, And Value: Lessons from a Genocide Survivor

The Power of Purpose, Community, And Value: Lessons from a Genocide Survivor

Genocide is a heinous act of violence that can inflict unimaginable destruction and loss upon a group of people. Survivors of such atrocities often face significant challenges on the road to rebuilding their lives, including losing loved ones and psychological trauma. However, many survivors find a way to persevere, forging new paths and inspiring others through resilience.

Maja Kazazic is one such inspiring survivor. She experienced the horrors of the Bosnian genocide in the early 1990s, losing five close friends and leaving her father injured. Despite these devastating losses, Maja views the experience as one of the vital parts of her life, as it shaped who she is today.

Although the genocide officially ended, its after-effects lingered. Maja’s leg became infected, and she developed PTSD, which took her 15 years to overcome. Through her perseverance and resilience, Maja was able to rebuild her life and serve as an inspiration to others.

Maja’s experience inspired her to help others discover their inner strength and resilience. She became a certified empathy life coach and amputee peer counselor, guiding those facing similar challenges. Maja’s message to others is that their past should not define them and should strive to improve their lives.

Through her powerful message and personal example, Maja motivates others, inspiring them to embark on a path of resilience and self-discovery. In her recent TED Talk, “Genocide and Happiness: The Power of You,” Maja shares her insights and provides a roadmap for unlocking one’s latent potential and finding happiness in adversity.

Maja Kazazic’s experiences during the Bosnian genocide taught her valuable lessons about the importance of purpose, community, and value in our lives. She emphasizes that finding a common goal can instill a sense of purpose within us and help us overcome adversity. It can be simple as pursuing a passion or a cause we believe in.

Furthermore, Maja highlights the significance of community and working together towards a shared goal. Despite the war in Bosnia, the people came together to create their hospitals and kitchens to provide for each other. Maja believes we are social beings and must rely on each other to succeed.

Realizing our worth and the worth of others is also crucial. Maja believes everyone has something to offer, and we must acknowledge and value our differences. Only then can we move forward with a sense of purpose and value.

In her TED Talk, Maja also stresses the importance of happiness and how it is not solely dependent on external factors such as job title or financial success. Rather, true happiness is achieved when we are connected to our community and celebrate each other’s uniqueness and differences. She encourages us to imagine a world where we all work together towards a shared goal, celebrate our differences, and value being ourselves.

Overall, it’s no doubt that Maja Kazazic’s story is a remarkable example of the power of resilience in the face of unimaginable adversity, and the lessons that she has learned are helping hundreds of people through her lectures. Her message of finding purpose, community, and value and celebrating our differences and uniqueness can inspire us to live more meaningfully. If Kazazic can survive a genocide attack, get her infected leg treated after many surgeries, heal her mental health, and after all of that, inspire others to do the same, so we sure can stop stressing over little daily problems and make the best out of whatever situations we are being put in. Learn more about her at

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