Zoran’s Single ‘Into Eternity’: A Sensational Film Song with a Spiritual Message

Zoran’s Single ‘Into Eternity’: A Sensational Film Song with a Spiritual Message

Zoran Cunjak, a leading opera singer, has released a new track titled ‘Into Eternity,’ which contains a powerful message for listeners. The song lyrics convey a message of hope and calm the listener. Incorporating bio-resonant therapy, the song is a source of auditory pleasure and promotes healing. The song also discusses Zoran’s personal and professional hardship.

The single “Into Eternity” perfectly showcases Zoran’s remarkable vocal skills. He has created a new type of cinema music in his track, blending traditional and opera music. Furthermore, his unique approach has made opera music more accessible and enjoyable to individuals in their everyday lives.

Incorporating Bio-resonance Frequencies into His Music

Zoran is a bio-resonance expert, running a successful private Frequency Medicine clinic in Australia for the last 10 years. He discovered the power of frequency when he was a child. He learned that by using it correctly, one could communicate to a variety of listeners while also calming them down. Bio-resonance is a viable alternative for medicine, lowering stressors with the appropriate frequency.

This was when he came up with the notion of communicating with the general public through music. He began incorporating principles of bio-resonance frequencies into his tracks, allowing listeners to heal while enjoying music. His track “Into Eternity” is a prime example of this approach. He has used the same frequency principles used in bio-resonant treatment throughout the song.

Furthermore, Zoran’s songs demonstrate the strength and significance of the spirit to God. Most of us are primarily concerned with the needs of our physical body, neglecting the spiritual one. This attracts negative energy, causing us to experience intense feelings of depression, anxiety, and despair. Zoran’s music serves as a means to remove these negative emotions while providing a full-fledged musical experience.

The chorus embodies the beauty of his music and its power to transcend time. He says, “I walk I shine, Towards the sun I fly, My soul my mind, Forever goes, Into space and time.”  It demonstrates that even after an artist has passed away, his music can continue to provide listeners with joy and hope.

This song impacts the worlds of music, therapy, and spirituality. Through his music, he has offered other artists the opportunity to merge different genres and styles of music into one. This can help the listeners in various ways and serve as a means of welcoming tranquility.


Zoran’s ‘Into Eternity’ is a beautiful musical composition that calms the listeners. It functions as a bio-resonant therapy and a helping hand for those in need. By discussing his experience in the song, he has helped the listeners understand that suffering always passes if we trust in God.

Zoran’s innovative method of merging opera with current sounds has produced influential and unique cinematic music. His style inspires many musicians to create healing music, following in his footsteps.

Visit his Facebook page to listen to his music and decide for yourself, https://www.facebook.com/zoranopera/?locale=hi_IN.

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