5 personality traits of a successful Musician

5 personality traits of a successful Musician

It is well-known that a musician’s brain differs from an average person’s brain. Therefore, you must always learn specific professional skills, and you might also have to work on your personality. That is why whenever you see a musician, you might wonder what makes them different from others; here are the things that make the personality of a successful musician. 

  1. They are naturally curious

Musicians are curious being the door in their apartment that has been nailed shut. They have got to know what is hidden behind it. If they are riding a bus and their eyes catch a trail through the woods, soon you will see them getting off the ride and exploring it. They have the unavoidable urge to explore different things; it is in their blood to experiment with different beats and melodies because, in the end, it is curiosity and experimentation that are their bread and butter.

  • They are not slowed down by rejection

One thing that musicians realize earlier in their careers is that they have to face rejection regularly. No matter how great their sound is, that doesn’t mean they can book a gig or venue. No matter how talented they are, they know they will lose opportunities to someone who knows someone or sounds a little better. Although these rejections always make them sad, they never let those deter them. Instead, they believe in their voice and keep working until they make it heard.

  • They know how to deal with others

A successful musician is someone who knows how to do teamwork. They know how to deal with a singer, lyricist, songwriter, if in the band, then bandmates, studio staff, sound techs, and their audience. They know that they might be the brightest light in the room. However, they also know that doesn’t mean they are the biggest diva.

  • They don’t like to stay down for long

A musician knows that at any given moment, they will be let down; they know how much they work on a song by staying in the studio all day, and the result may not be satisfying. But, they know how to tackle anything because they are passionate; that is why they think of little triumphs and then little disappointments they got in their career. They don’t let bad moods engulf them and stay optimistic no matter the circumstances.

  • They have a lot of empathy

When it comes to writing a song, making music, and putting equal beats and rhythms that will affect the audience, it is not only the talent but also empathy. Musicians feel for others, which is why they write songs describing things from people’s points of view. This is why many musicians like to help the disabled in schools or job-coaching environments in their free time.

An example is Brilyent Kelly, a fantastic audio engineer, songwriter, melodist, and beatmaker. With ten years of expertise, he has been able to work on various songs and with numerous artists, allowing him to be engaged in practically all kinds of music. He has worked with Pastor Troy, Beanie Sigel, Mr. Cheeks, and Slip n Slide Records, providing them with his skill set and elevating their songs to a new level. Apart from being a successful musician, he also likes to help people. He says, “I will be starting a foundation for the youth by having them participate in after-school activities that will have donations that will go into the communities that need it the most.”

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