The Power of Purpose, Community, And Value: Lessons from a Genocide Survivor

Genocide is a heinous act of violence that can inflict unimaginable destruction and loss upon a group of people. Survivors of such atrocities often face significant challenges on the road to rebuilding their lives, including losing loved ones and psychological trauma. However, many survivors find a way to persevere, forging new paths and inspiring others through resilience. Maja Kazazic is […]

Zoran’s Single ‘Into Eternity’: A Sensational Film Song with a Spiritual Message

Zoran Cunjak, a leading opera singer, has released a new track titled ‘Into Eternity,’ which contains a powerful message for listeners. The song lyrics convey a message of hope and calm the listener. Incorporating bio-resonant therapy, the song is a source of auditory pleasure and promotes healing. The song also discusses Zoran’s personal and professional hardship. The single “Into Eternity” […]

Photography and Time: Susan Sontag’s Insight Related to Stefano Azario’sWork

In her book “On Photography,” Susan Sontag wrote, “Photographs are a way of imprisoning reality…One can’t possess reality, one can possess images–one can’t possess the present but one can possess the past.” Sontag’s words touch upon the intricate relationship between photography and time, a subject that is particularly relevant when examining the work of acclaimed photographer Stefano Azario. Stefano’s recent […]

Actor Jason Zlatkus award winning actor making strides in Hollywood

Jason Zlatkus, an award-winning American actor, is making significant strides in the entertainment industry, showcasing his diverse talents through film, commercials, modeling, and even hosting a podcast. As an artist, he leverages his growing platform to promote positive change. Zlatkus boasts an impressive portfolio of film roles including ‘The First Rule’, ‘A Killer Rising’, ‘Near Enemies’, and ‘Forever Young’ (2020). […]