Entrepreneurs who are leading from the front!

Entrepreneurs who are leading from the front!

An entrepreneur is a person who begins or develops businesses with a high level of risk involved in the hopes of making them successful. The number of entrepreneurs has increased significantly over the past few years, and they have also demonstrated that they are excellent businesspeople.

Without question, this journey can be challenging, with many ups and downs, leading to many people giving up and only a small number of people succeeding in their endeavors.

Fortunately, we were able to identify some of the top individuals who not only achieved success but are now at the forefront of their respective sectors. These people came from all backgrounds, but they all had a passion for what they did, a desire to learn new things, and a desire to succeed. They all achieved success despite having to defy expectations and take calculated risks.

David Veslocki 

In addition to being a music producer, musician, and guitarist with 30 years of expertise, David Veslocki is an entrepreneur who established the Connecticut Suzuki Guitar Academy, where he instructs aspirant guitarists. His school has produced some of the best players in the industry and now provides virtual training to anyone worldwide. Not only this, but Veslocki is also the founder of Sapphire Records and serves as the President as well as Frameworks Records, Skyfall Records, and Reflection.

Miracle Olatunji

Miracle Olatunji was a senior in high school; she founded OpportuniMe to link high school students with chances to help them choose a career, expand their network, and discover their hobbies before enrolling in college. Olatunji, now 19 years old, is the director of innovation at Thrive and continues to work for OpportuniMe. She also authored “How to Live and Lead with Impact,” which was one of the best sellers. 

Henry Ford

When Henry Ford decided to found the Ford Motor Company, he only had a little money, but he had a goal. Ford built the first mass-produced vehicles as part of his company enterprise, which he began with a $28,000 business loan. Ford, renowned for his excellent treatment of his staff, increased his daily pay to $5 in 1914. It was double what his rivals paid their employees in 2018, or $120.

Nick Denton Gawker

Celebrities and the media in New York City were the subjects of Nick Denton Gawker, a blog co-written by Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spiers. With money from selling a previous startup company, Denton started the website in 2003 and maintained it from his house for several years. Gawker relocated to a storefront in 2008. The blog had 23 million monthly visitors by 2015.

According to Harvard Business School research, 50% of all new businesses fail during the first five years and 70% within the first ten. Despite the depressing odds, these entrepreneurs’ ventures with little more than great ideas and fortunate timing now serve as the inspiration for many. 

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