Top Healers Offering Online Sessions

Top Healers Offering Online Sessions

You can regain your sense of wholeness with the help of healers. They delve deeply into your illness’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual causes. They use the knowledge of nature to provide the solutions you need. Let them be your guides as you strive to live the healthiest, happiest, and richest life possible! What could be simpler than having remote sessions with one of these healers to get you off on your path to wellness? Here are some of the best healers who provide services online.

Sonja Grace

In her sessions, Sonja Grace emphasizes the use of effective techniques for connecting with and speaking with both your feminine and masculine sides as well as your inner child. Grace also does past-life regressions; she thinks that some people may be hindered in their present lives by karmic wounds they are carrying around. In Grace’s opinion, extraterrestrial energetic blockages that interfere with our energy fields can be removed. She offers phone sessions. Her waitlist is long. However, she does have urgent sessions that can be scheduled sooner. 

Frank Butterfield 

Frank Butterfield is an Expert communicator of what he calls the Communion of Light. Butterfield sessions can be very beneficial when you’re feeling upset, anxious, or confused. Any inquiry, whether personal or general, is welcome. Clients typically have clarity and reassurance thereafter, and they frequently realize that what they are looking for already resides within them. In addition to phone sessions, Butterfield is also offering free open-forum online series called The Metaphysics of a Global Event.

Daniel the Healer

With decades of experience, Daniel the Healer promotes healing by offering “Free Online Energy Healings.” His healing comprises compassion for people, finding ways to heal themselves, and creating win-win scenarios. He is aware of all the foundations needed to maintain energy balance and support a successful, happy, and healthy individual. Every Wednesday at 10 a.m. and every Thursday at 8 p.m. eastern time, he offers free online energy healing on his website,


In order to restore equilibrium, SitaHagenburg, a shamanic healer, works on identifying the underlying causes of your spiritual distress. She beats a drum during the sessions to bring her consciousness out of everyday physical reality and into the spiritual world. According to Hagenburg, the healing process appears to her as a mosaic. Her sessions are both unwinding and enlightening.

Cait Marino

Cait Marino, a medium and Reiki teacher, received her training primarily through telephone and remote sessions. Marino has always been an intuitive medium and has had training in many different modalities, but she only began researching energy healing in 2005 after going through a life-altering incident. Using a dowsing rod, an antiquated divination device, Marino first assesses your energy field to get a general feel of your system’s operation. Then she designs a personalized distant energy session for you in which you can cleanse your energy, pay off karmic debt, and receive past-life readings to learn lessons from other lifetimes.

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