8 Tips to Improve the Packaging Design of Your E-juice and Vape Cartridges

The desire to quit smoking has led many people into the world of vaping. Now, instead of puffing on a cigarette, they inhale vaporized e-juice or vape smoke from an electronic cigarette that is typically powered by a rechargeable battery. The vape cart packaging for these products is also undergoing some changes in order to make them appear more appealing and appetizing.

A vape cartridge is a type of e-cigarette that resembles the shape of a pen. It consists of an atomizer and a mouthpiece, with the e-liquid contained in them. The flavorings are stored on paper or cotton inside it. Many people have become interested in vaping for various reasons over time, but one thing remains true: when someone picks up your vape cartridge packaging, they want to know what they’re getting into before they buy it.

In this blog post, we will discuss eight tips to improve your custom 1ml vape boxes design so you can attract more customers and sell more units.

Make it Appealing

The first thing you should consider is the design of your vape cartridge packaging. This includes everything from color to font selection to logo placement and more. You’re trying to draw in customers who might not know what they want before coming into contact with your product, so make sure that this information stands out enough for them.

If you are printing on a white background, try using blue or green colors for added pop, while black text will be easier to read against a darker background if you have an unconventional-shaped device like a pen, look at incorporating interesting shapes such as hexagons or circles into your package design which will lead people’s eyes around the content better than if it was all rectangular shapes.

Place important information on the front of your packaging, so it is instantly visible. Remember to use contrasting colors and fonts that are easy to read, which will lead people’s eyes around the content better than if they tried reading everything at once.

Add an element from nature into your design like a leaf, water droplets, or flowers for added visual appeal while also tying in with sustainability since plants can be grown out of recycling bottles! These elements communicate care about the earth without needing words as well as being visually appealing enough for customers to take notice.

Use high-quality images and graphics because these things don’t exist simply by themselves but rather need text too (text overwrites images)

Use clear, concise wording to tell customers what they are getting while also including the brand name and slogan.

Don’t forget about color. Colors can evoke strong emotions in people, so use them wisely. Pick colors that match your branding or company’s values for a cohesive design.

Place key information on the front of packagings like instructions, product size, and ingredients list.

Add a QR code with an offer to encourage social sharing, which is useful since Instagram has banned hashtags pertaining to vape products. Include child safety precautions such as “keep away from children”, etc.

Minimize distractions by reducing text outside of essential details, so important pieces stand out more. Limit placement of repetitive texts (like warnings) that don’t need to be read multiple times.

Provide clear instructions as to how your product should be used, including a recipe if applicable. Include warnings when appropriate and keep them brief so people can find what they need quickly.

Offer an informative list of ingredients that isn’t too wordy or difficult for the consumer to understand. Provide nutritional information where relevant, so consumers know what they’re putting in their body.

Include flavor names and descriptions on carton packaging, which helps customers make decisions more easily while standing in-store aisleways.

Take advantage of space by adding icons with key details about your products, such as nicotine levels, PG/VG ratios, etc.. For vape cartridges: include vacuum sealed indication icon or expiration date (and possible lead warning).

Give a brief description of your product and what it does in the first sentence on carton packaging.

Include ingredients list, full flavor descriptions, nicotine levels

Use large font sizes for important information such as flavors or expiration dates. Make sure they are legible from far away so customers can read them while standing in-store aisleways.

When applicable, offer descriptive icons to represent different product features – PG/VG ratio icon shown here. This lets consumers know quickly which e-juice is best suited to their needs without having to do research beforehand.

Consider including QR codes that link back to your website with more detailed information on each product (e-juices) if you don’t want all this info printed out. This way, people get the information they need when they want it.

Offer incentives for customers to order online and get free shipping like this. This is a great way to save on the costs of having your products delivered in-store or by mail.

Make sure you have an easily identifiable packaging design that’s easy on the eyes. Vape cartridge holders will not be as appealing if their boxes are plain white with one logo printed out in bold black lettering.

Consider adding visual cues such as icons or arrows that indicate where parts of your vape cartridges go so there’s no confusion about which end goes into what devices! One example would be drawing attention to areas where oil should come out once inside pen-type vaporizers- show people how much oil comes out through different levels.

Include directions on your packaging that could be helpful for first-time users. If you’re selling vape juice, add information about how to fill up cartridges!

Avoid using excessive branding or logos as they can seem too overbearing and take away from the appeal of a clean package.

If possible, try offering discounts in exchange for reviews- this will incentivize potential customers who are reluctant to buy without some assurance that it’s worth their money. They’ll likely post an honest review if something was wrong with the product because they won’t want other people to waste their hard-earned cash as they did.

Keep labeling clear so those who have allergies know what ingredients are inside and whether or not they should use them.

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