Uniques ways to create business card to stand out

A business card is the first impression that a client or customer gets about your business. Thus, making that count is of utmost importance, especially for a freelancer or a small-startup. It is the one thing that you can hand out instantly and be assured that you are giving a piece of your brand to the recipient. And that is how, you need to think of a business card. It is a piece of your brand, a small one, but a tool that can impact people quite strongly.

A business card not only has the details that are crucial for people to contact your business. But it is also a part of your brand identity due to the presence of logo and color scheme similar to the brand. That is why, ensuring that the business card is unique, outstanding, and something that the recipient will not throw in the trash should be high on your list.

It is possible to create a unique business card; all you need is the right tool and idea and you are set. In this blog, we will list unique ways to create a business card that stands out.

Unique ways for making outstanding business card

  1. Use a material that is unique

There is better paper material than the standard white sheet that most of us use. Instead of this standard stock sheet, go for heavy-weight paper. They are the best of quality and do not lose shape when the recipient slides them into their pocket.

Another material that you can use is a textured paper as it appeals to the audience. Now, you can even use materials like cotton or even metal and wood to create a business card.

  1. Do not clutter the card

The best way to make your card unique is to keep it simple and straightforward. That means not overflowing the card with information, which is not necessary to put. Keep the details limited and try to keep the colors and font appealing but to the minimum.

Using too many colors on the card is also off-putting. So, make sure you use a minimum of two colors, preferably the ones that represent your brand. Know more about the color psychology here.

  1. The design should be relevant to your business

The logo that we put on our business card represents our business, right? In the same manner, make sure the rest of the design of the card should be relevant to your business. For instance, for a chef, using something related to food is a nice way to appeal to the customers.

  1. Use technique to create texture

Humans remember things that are simple but expressive. And using texture in your card can elevate the expressiveness. So, use innovative techniques for the same. For instance, use the emboss technique for logo or text to give your card a new look. You can even play with the 3D technique; it is just a matter of finding the right tool or designer.

  1. Ensure the size is right

The standard size of business card acceptable in your industry or region is something you should follow. A lot of tools like Canva have templates in the standard size, take help from for creating the business card.

Tools to create a business card

  • Canva: The free online tool is a blessing for all professionals and amateurs alike. Canva has in-build templates for creating unique business cards, and it also lets you print them. The free version has limited features, but the advanced version has a nominal fee of $12.99.
  • com: It is an online site of a known printing company. They have dozens of templates and have a unique design that you can use for your card.
  • Visme: Create a customized business card using brand theme and color. It lets you download the file in PDF form, and you can get it printed later.

Things to include in the card

  • Name and title that you hold in the company. Include the name of the company too.
  • Include your email address and current phone number
  • Include a professional email address in the card
  • Include the logo and tagline of your business in the card too
  • Links to LinkedIn profile and any other social media should be part of the card.
  • Include the URL of your company website on the card.

With these tips in mind, you are ready to create a unique card. It is the best marketing tool any business has, so put some thought into it.