What Is White Label Hosting? All The Things You Need To Know About It

Just heard about the term ‘white label reselling’? But don’t know what it is? Don’t worry now all you are expected to do is to sit and relax and just read this article. In the end, you will know everything from the scratch to the whole concept of the White label reselling.

Let’s start from the very basic question which must be crossing your mind and that is

What is white label reseller hosting?

In order to hide the link between the client and the hosting service, a client wants to re-brand the hosting items to a company, it is called full white branded reseller hosting. This feature will help in the case when the person is seeking to resell other companies’ hosting services.

There may be other questions like who can opt for white label hosting or how it works?

Who Can Opt for White Label Hosting?

With white label hosting, anyone without having any virtual servers can create their own hosting service. If you’re a website developer, website designer or newbie planning to start a new company right away, hosting a white label will be a very lucrative choice for you.

So, this means that anyone interested in reselling hosting services should opt for white label hosting. Your Web hosting service provider will take care of all your technical requirements such as server maintenance and management to make your job more feasible.

How The White Label Program Works?

With white label hosting, you have the possibility to charge your customer more for the product you deliver than for the price you have paid to purchase the services from a web hosting company.

This is a quick solution and can save time and money as you sell the ready-made products or hosting servers that someone else has created.

Want to know the process of how you can do white label hosting and the benefits it has then let’s dig into it and explore it together.

The complete process goes as below.

Step 1: Your customer will search plans you have set up on the website page and then your customer will place an order via your website.

Step2: You set up your client servers on your reseller servers and your reseller will take care of the task of managing the servers.

Step3: Your customer will receive an automated email regarding the transaction and further steps in the newly acquired servers.

Benefits of White Label Reseller Hosting

If you’re a freelance or professional web developer or run a large-scale web development business, extending your services and searching for new ways to reach your customers is always easier.

Below we have shared numerous ways by which your web development company can benefit from white label reseller hosting:

Offer Broad-Range of Services

If you add hosting to your services, getting everything under a single room will make it easier for your customers. When someone is looking for your niche services, it is more likely that the individual or business will choose your hosting company which will provide all the necessities at the same place. Customers will love your brand as you are saving their time and money and they will never know about your partnership with a reseller.

Additional Income

Each business pays for the hosting facility, either annually or monthly. You won’t have to take care of the server maintenance or management when they’re finished with their web site. If anything goes wrong on the server, you can call your reseller support team to solve the problem. No doubt you are receiving a referral fee when you suggest a hosting service as a web designer.

Leave the “Dirty” Work to Your Web Host

If you are reselling hosting services, you don’t have to think about the server problems. If any of your customers have an issue with the hosting plan, you will be able to contact the Host Cafe Day experts who will solve the problem with full efficiency. This helps to save time and allows you to concentrate on your business.

Minimizes Space Requirements

If you want to host multiple websites, you will require high specification servers. In a temperature-controlled environment, these servers need continuous maintenance.

Of course, there is a lot of work to do if hosting isn’t the only service you are offering. Because the more services you offer the more careful you have to be.

But with white label hosting, you don’t get to keep the servers at your office. This ensures that your room requirements are that, and you can run your company out of a home office.