Niclas Herle – Top Skills Needed for a Successful Career in The Aviation Industry

Most people prefer to travel to their destination by air whenever they get the opportunity. As a result, the aviation industry around the world continues to grow at a rapid rate. It always needs a constant supply of professionals with adequate experience to function smoothly. They work in many diverse and exciting roles. Most of them can even expect a lucrative remuneration for the services they provide.   This is why ambitious job seekers aspire to pursue a career in the aviation industry as they can fly to several nations and earn a handsome income.

Niclas Herle is a commercial pilot from Florida with years of valuable experience in the aviation industry. He is the founder and currently the Chief Executive Officer of Heli Aviation, Florida. This is an FAA-certified utility helicopter company specializing in a wide range of areas. These include aerial trimming, film work, photography, powerline inspections, firefighting, commercial load operations, and LIDAR mapping. It even provides aerial-spraying, disaster relief, rescue, and frost control services for various local authorities. The company currently operates a fleet of eight turbine-powered helicopters.

He says the aviation industry employs many job aspirants with the right qualifications and experience. You could find them flying commercial aircraft, directing air traffic, or working as maintenance engineers. However, aspirants generally need the following inherent skills to be successful in their careers:

  • Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, superiors, and passengers,
  • Finding quick workable solutions when resolving aircraft design or maintenance issues,
  • Taking prompt decisions when encountering emergencies during flights,
  • Being able to handle customers when making ticket reservations or assisting passengers,
  • Having a positive attitude when confronting agitated passengers or resolving technical issues,
  • Ability to work in and as a team member with a group of professional co-workers,
  • Good leadership qualities when supervising the work of subordinates,
  • Having a high level of integrity when dealing with co-workers and obeying company laws,
  • Being regarded as dependable by their superiors and colleagues,
  • Willing to work hard and diligently in hectic environments, and
  • Ability to take the initiative when the need arises.

What type of jobs are available in the aviation industry?

The type of jobs which aspirants can look for within the aviation industry are:

  • Commercial pilots and flight engineers,
  • Air traffic controllers,
  • Avionics engineers, technicians, and mechanics,
  • Airport managers,
  • Transportation security screeners,
  • Specialists in conducting airfield operations,
  • Flight attendants,
  • Airport administrative personnel,
  • Flight dispatchers,
  • Ground Attendants,
  • Aviation meteorologists,
  • Passenger service representatives or agents,
  • Crew schedule Coordinator,
  • Aviation attorneys
  • Flight instructors for new pilots

In the opinion of Niclas Herle the aviation industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the economy. It provides plenty of opportunities for job aspirants with the right qualifications and experience. They can work in many professional roles. These include meteorologists, crew schedule coordinators, airfield specialists, air traffic controllers, commercial pilots, managers, or security personnel. They can even become flight attendants, instructors, crew coordinators, and aviation attorneys. However, they need to have the right skills to excel in this industry. They should be good communicators, team members, leaders, and decision-makers. Above all, they must have a positive attitude and willingness to work hard.