How To Make The Most Of Your Small Villa Balcony?

Regardless of your small open balcony size, you can make spending your time there as cozy and as comfortable as you like. To some of us, the balcony may be our sacred place of spending quality time with ourselves. Whether you stay away from the city or live just above traffic, there are several ways to make the most out of the tiny space and yet keep it in style. If you are looking for a home of your own, you can check out various 3bhk and 4bhk villas in Bangalore available on the NoBroker website as well. To make your job more effortless, we have listed five simple tips for starting with designing your small open balcony at home.

  1. Clear out your balcony

Clear all the clutter from your balcony. Remove all the old plants, old furniture, any foul smell, and get rid of it. Paint the balcony with a colour that suits your style.

  1. Drying out your clothes

Instead of using all the balcony space for drying up your clothes, there are several options available for a foldable rack that you could consider and place it somewhere at the side of the balcony allowing more room for furniture and other items.

  1. What about garbage?

Well, instead of using the entire balcony space to store litter, you can think about allotting a small space in your kitchen itself for storing waste. Choosing a good dustbin for this matter is necessary to last longer and avoid overfilling of garbage.

  1. Style up your beautiful balcony

Design the small open balcony space as per your style. If you want it to be cozier, you can throw in a mattress with pillows. If you want it to be a workplace, you can install a foldable table or chair and set up your laptop there. You can give it a makeover as per what suits you the best. You do not even have to spend too much on the setup. Especially if you are renting an apartment. There are several fake flooring and portable furniture options available online. You can even decorate your balcony door and add fairy lights to your deco giving your balcony a warm look.

  1. Keeping it minimal

You do not have to pack your balcony so much that there is no place to walk out there. Your design can be as minimal and straightforward as possible and yet be comfortable. If you stay in the city or somewhere above traffic, you can consider putting up potted plants that help purify the air. If there is less space for plants, you can hang your plant from the ceiling. You can follow hashtags like #balconydecor or #balconydesign on Instagram for beautiful balcony ideas, or you can even check out images on Pinterest.