Worthwhile Wear Shares How a Simple Act Can Support Survivors of Human Trafficking

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Human trafficking is the second-largest criminal industry in the world, with over 800,000 people trafficked against their will across international borders each year. This growing issue (a pandemic of a different kind) has touched all corners of the world from poor villages in developing countries to wealthy suburban towns in the United States. A global issue like human trafficking requires a global response, which means it’s up to everyone to do something.

Walk, run, or bike to support survivors of human trafficking.
Walk, run, or bike to support survivors of human trafficking.
Often when faced with an issue of this size, it’s easy to think that individual efforts will have no positive impact, but today there is action to take to be a part of the solution.

There is an opportunity to join others across the country and the world to support the efforts of an organization that provides healing and hope for survivors of human trafficking. Worthwhile Wear is a non-profit that provides survivors with long-term housing on its beautiful 82-acre property just outside of Philadelphia, PA. It equips survivors with job training and employment through its thrift stores, empowers survivors of sexual exploitation through its community outreach programs, and globally employs survivors in the making of Worthwhile Wear apparel. But this innovative organization hasn’t stopped there.

Worthwhile Wear’s nationwide ACT Challenge aims to raise awareness about the issue of trafficking and help fund restorative services for survivors.

To join this effort, simply track any miles covered while walking, biking, or running and then post an image of the activity or the route to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #ACTWorthwhile and tag @WorthwhileWear. That’s it!

Based on posted miles, sponsoring businesses will donate $1 per mile to fund programming and housing for survivors of human trafficking. These social media posts help prompt discussion and raise awareness. So far, the response has been amazing as people are craving the chance to collectively do something that helps those in need and spreads a positive message. The simple act of being active will help survivors and bring hope to many who are still working through past trauma brought on by sexual exploitation.

The ACT Challenge is free to join and open to all ages and any abilities. Worthwhile Wear will use the #ACTWorthwhile hashtag and @WorthwhileWear tag to tally miles that have been covered. For private social media accounts, email images or mileage totals to so miles don’t get missed.

Help raise awareness about modern-day slavery by following these steps:

Get Active- Run, walk, bike, or even swim and record the activity now through the end of summer.
Raise Awareness- Post the activity or route with the hashtag #ACTWorthwhile and tag @WorthwhileWear.
Invite Others- Ask others to join or to sponsor a mile.
Play a part in helping survivors of human trafficking today by participating in this challenge.

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Walk, run, or bike to support survivors of human trafficking.

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