Ideaology Starting First Phase of ICO

ZUG, Switzerland, Aug. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Swiss-based startup is initiating the first phase of the IDEA (their new cryptocurrency) Initial Coin Offering – October 1st.

Connecting project owners, industry professionals, freelancers, and investors on the same platform, Ideaology will allow them to develop their project efficiently, but also let them cooperate or partner up with other projects on the platform, and receive special funding and guidance from the Ideaology team.

The IDEA token will be the crucial part of the platform, as all transactions will be done through it. Additionally, IDEA will allow members of the community to be a part of all the processes that take place on the Ideaology platform, such as supporting other projects, investing their tokens further, using them to vote for projects that should get special funding, etc.

Starting from October 1st, Ideaology is issuing a limited amount of 6 million IDEA tokens at the private sale, which will be the first of 3 phases of the ICO. The private sale phase will last for 30 days and the early investors will be able to buy the tokens at a 40% lower price compared to the regular token price in the public ICO phase, as well as gain special benefits depending on the investment amount.

The company was waiting to finish developing their product prototype, as well as their recent listing as one of the Swiss Crypto Valley official members, to announce the ICO dates.

“We have made sure to finish our product prototype before entering the crowdfunding stage, as that was one of our postulates from the start. We want everyone involved to be able to see and imagine what we are building as well as where we are at the moment,” explains Ideaology Founder and CEO Khaled Alkalbani.

October 1st is an essential date for all who wish to be involved with this Startup project from the beginning and gain Early Investor status as their private backers.

After the private sale, Ideaology is commencing the ICO pre-sale scheduled for December 1st, 2020, before going into the public ICO stage starting February 1st, 2021. Each ICO stage will last for 30 days. Purchasing IDEA tokens will be possible through Bank cards, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, and Litecoin.

About the company:

Ideaology is a Swiss-based startup and an official member of the Crypto Valley association and Swiss Startup Association. It is an open-source project on Ethereum which will harness the amazing potential of blockchain technology to create an enormous digital platform with a diverse community of people and enterprises cooperating to develop great ideas and solutions into successful businesses.

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