Why Direct Mail is Important for Your Business

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want your customers to see your business and run straight over without another thought? You could do what all the other businesses in your industry are doing, hitting people online or on social media, but then you would be lost in the crowd. Direct Mail is a tried and true method that will get you noticed and make customers rush to your door.

Companies are finding that direct mail and it cousin, shared direct mail, is really effective. While email marketing and direct mail tend to get response rates that are similar, there is a recent study that found direct mail campaigns were able to get larger sales; up to five times larger. So, while you may get ten customers from email and ten from direct mail, those you get from direct mail will spend five times the profit.

The reason this works is direct mail stands out. Most young customers will get hundreds of emails every day and they know how to drown them out. However, direct mail is new and unique and will stick with the customer for longer. it is also easier to share. An email will get stuck in one inbox, but physical mail can make its way from one home to another.

This means that even if you only send out 1000 pieces of direct mail, you could share your message with double or triple that number of people because they will share it. This makes it more powerful and since it can last an average of 17 days before being thrown out, compared to just seconds for an email, this is a powerful way to reach your customers.

Direct mail may be seen as old-school, but it is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to stand out and reach your customers. It provides a better return on investment and can bring more profits to your company.