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MIAMI, September 14, 2020 ( – In a time of society where many people are looking to learn virtually, it’s important to understand that the Internet offers a plethora of guidance in terms of information where people can digest online courses and increase their knowledge about any subject matter. 

Greg Morrison has been a partner and leading voice behind one of the most successful search engine optimization courses for many years. His following is massive, and the success stories from his students are almost incomprehensible. 

“The amount of people I’ve seen thank Greg for changing their lives is indescribable. I was a student of his myself, and his following is cult-like. He’s honest, to the point, and very detailed,” said Schmidt.

The two marketers have partnered up on many successful ventures over the last 10 years and, during the pandemic, they identified the need for an authoritative voice that can help people filter out all of the e-learning material and share an honest voice to the many “gurus” who promise stories of Internet riches.

“Many people get sucked into buying a course because the promoter has a certain lifestyle. Most of these people haven’t been in the trenches very long and are flat out robbing people,” added Schmidt. “We personally know most of the people who have quality teaching. We share the stage with them at live events, we collaborate on projects, consult, trade information, and genuinely help each other live that digital entrepreneur lifestyle.”

Schmidt’s Internet career spans nearly 20 years when he moved to Miami to join a company that pioneered the SEO agency movement. Since then, he has amassed a portfolio of Internet businesses, mentored several digital nomads, consulted online businesses from local service providers to billion-dollar entities, spoken at industry events, and even wrote a best-selling book on motivation and lifestyle design.

The website,, publishes reviews of any e-learning courses the duo can get their hands on. The content is brutally honest in both pros and cons of each course it reviews while being quick to point out downfalls and misleading information. The site also offers a free Facebook Group where further networking can take place.

Future plans include interviews with marketing leaders and digital innovators, as well as guest content from the brightest minds in marketing. Schmidt added, “We’ll definitely be utilizing our A-list network to make this website stand out.” A full YouTube channel and podcast are also in the works.

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