Cybersecurity Principles for Space Systems Announced

The U.S. government has published a list of cybersecurity principles intended to be implemented by the makers of space vehicles to keep them safe from unauthorized intrusions.

The “Space Policy Directive-5” released Friday outlines five general precepts that should be considered by “developers, manufacturers, owners, and operators of space systems” so that they “design, build, operate, and manage them so that they are resilient to cyber incidents and radio-frequency spectrum interference.”

The directive indicated that space systems are critical to the “security, economic prosperity and scientific knowledge” of the United States, especially in areas such as “global communications; positioning, navigation, and timing; scientific observation; exploration; weather monitoring; and multiple vital national security applications.”

“Therefore, it is essential to protect space systems from cyber incidents in order to prevent disruptions to their ability to provide reliable and efficient contributions to the operations of the Nation’s critical infrastructure,” the White House authored memo notes.

Among the considerations space system makers are to incorporate include designing supporting software developed with strong cybersecurity protocols in mind, having cybersecurity integrated into systems and promoting best practices around cybersecurity.

“Space system owners and operators should develop and implement cybersecurity plans for their space systems that incorporate capabilities to ensure operators or automated control center systems can retain or recover positive control of space vehicles,” the policy reads.Related Stories:

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