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Bite Back – the Shark Bite Biz Podcast is Now Available to Help Businesses Grow and Pivot in This Changing Coronavirus World

PHILADELPHIA, August 26, 2020 ( – David Strausser, a subject matter expert helping businesses grow via the promise of technology, today is announcing the launch of his new business-focused podcast “Shark Bite Biz” ( to help grow business in the roaring ’20s

The podcast offers two episodes a week, Monday and Thursday at 6 a.m. EST, and is published on all major podcast platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, iHeartRadio, and you can find the video version on the YouTube Channel at:

The podcast helps businesses pivot in the new COVID-19 business world by talking with experts in the fields of sales, marketing, tech, logistics, and general business strategy. It spotlights many small business owners discussing the challenges they have faced with the global pandemic and how they overcame them.

Recent guests on the show have included Brian Vander Ark, Lead Singer of The Verve Pipe, William Hung of American Idol Fame, Shiny Burcu Unsal, and Lisa Anderson. Upcoming interviews include the legendary music producer Jack Douglas and Buck Johnson, the current keyboardist and backup singer with Aerosmith and the Hollywood Vampires both discussing how the music industry has handled digital transformation and pivots during the COVID-19 shutdowns.

A key interview available now features Jenny Mann, the lead singer of the band Blameshift and the owner of the guitar string jewelry manufacturer Strung, discussing how her business shifted from primarily doing live events to focus on e-commerce during the shutdowns. Betty Benal Topuzlu, Director of Business Development of Supply Chain Solutions for logistics behemoth UPS, in this episode (link: discussed how UPS was ready for the challenges presented by the current global pandemic and how they were able to scale up quickly to meet demand during the crisis.

The Shark Bite Biz podcast is the culmination of David Strausser’s personal journey and professional growth. Said David, “I figured that if I wanted to grow by talking to all these experts, I might as well take everybody on this ride with me because many businesses are finding it difficult to adjust to doing business in 2020.”

About David Strausser and Shark Bite Biz

David is currently the general manager for the Northeast Region at Vision33 (, a leading global enterprise resource management solutions provider of SAP Business One, has earned his expertise in the business field by teaching businesses how to overcome their fear of change and how to modernize their process flows with technology.

He spent 15 years living in Mexico where he was a champion for the Cali Baja megaregion by helping American distributors and manufacturers introduce their products into Latin America. With the unique border situation of Tijuana and San Diego, David was specializing at one point not just in technology, but also border crossing technology that led him to develop extensive relationships with the Mexican Government, being contracted as the “Consejero Binacional” (Binational Advisor) to the Secretary of Tourism for Baja, California, Mexico where he worked in making lives easier for American Tourists while visiting Baja. He has specialized in helping many businesses make a digital transformation to help break through barriers that prevented growth via the promise of technology. Efficiency and process automation for small businesses is his specialty.

David has now turned his focus to helping small businesses grow efficiently with ERP (enterprise resource planning solutions).

More information about the podcast and Strausser is available, and

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