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Provalus Delivers Fortune 500 Companies US-Based Talent Solutions During COVID-19

ATLANTA, August 26, 2020 ( – Provalus, a leading outsourcing IT solutions firm specializing in the development of talent in small rural towns, has continued to fulfill its purpose-driven mission of generating a superior workforce in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the ongoing crisis negatively impacting both companies and workers across the United States, Provalus intends to enhance and transform communities by creating technology, business and support careers for undiscovered talent in rural America. By leveraging its comprehensive IT training methodology, the firm is able to deliver dependable, scalable and quality IT services through its high-aptitude technology talent.

“We are fighting to bring back some of the billions of dollars that are outsourced every year, fighting to keep those jobs here, fighting to give Americans an opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. Provalus represents everything that this great nation is about,” commented Laura Chevalier, Chief Sales Officer of Provalus.

According to data collected by Provalus, the global outsourcing industry is expected to reach $481.37 billion by 2022. The majority of this funding is dedicated to the creation of off-shore and near-shore jobs, allowing billions of personal income dollars to escape the American economy. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that nearly 22.2 million American jobs were lost between the months of March and April. To counter this trend and in an effort to bring jobs back to the U.S., Provalus is offering ITO, BPO, and Helpdesk services that compete head-on with off-shore/near-shore IT outsourcing corporations.

“The U.S. economy took a major hit because of COVID-19 and unemployment rates have spiked,” said Josh Herold, Senior Vice President of Delivery Operations, Provalus. “Our mission is about providing solutions here in the U.S. Provalus is able to up-skill and train talent that can elevate the U.S. economy and transform communities, especially during a time like this in which efficiency and productivity are of utmost importance.”

The Provalus team has achieved substantial success with its aforementioned philosophy. The firm works with several Fortune 50 – Fortune 1000 clients who have discovered the value of onshore IT resources. Recently, Provalus was able to reduce the security costs and concerns for a Fortune 500 fintech company, as well as improve the business process for a Fortune 10 telecommunications company.

Provalus is purposefully disruptive in providing outsourcing value from the U.S. It aims to continually deliver the practical services companies need… straight from the heart of America.

To learn more about Provalus and its IT outsourcing services based in the U.S., navigate to their official page by clicking here.

About Provalus
Provalus is purpose-driven… elevating under-served communities by creating technology, business and support careers for undiscovered talent in the U.S. Our work provides Fortune 1000 companies the dependable, quality and practical services they need… straight from the heart of America. We hire and develop the best and brightest untapped talent in our small towns and rural communities to deliver a remarkable experience for clients and end-users alike. Provalus offers ITO, BPO and Support services that compete head-on with offshore/near shore outsourcing. By creating opportunities where there were none; with companies that believe in America’s future, Provalus is generating a superior workforce. We are purposefully disruptive… PROVIDING OUTSOURCING VALUE FROM THE U.S.

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