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Entrepreneur Joshua Littlejohn Announces New Book Titled ‘The Marketing Fallacy’

EDMONTON, AB / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2020 / The founder and CEO of Norgress, Joshua Littlejohn, announced that he will be releasing his first book titled ‘The Marketing Fallacy: How Any Small Business Can Look Like A Large Corporation, Without The Large Costs’

The book will be released on November 1st. Both the paperback and audiobook versions will be published through Norgress Books, an imprint of Norgress.

“Since launching Norgress, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside numerous small businesses and quite a few large enterprises. I have always noticed the innate advantages that large corporations tend to have over smaller ventures. The goal of this book is to provide small business owners with the tools needed to compete and present themselves as a serious player in their market.” Littlejohn shared.

“These are the same techniques I’ve employed at Norgress. And thanks to these techniques, in less than four years, I have been able to generate tens of thousands in personal income, commission teams from around the world and craft an impressive client base. I know I can help others do the exact same.”

Littlejohn hopes that the book will be an invaluable resource for upcoming businesses. Along with being a guide on how they can use marketing to help position themselves within their industries, the book will also feature case studies, activities and real-world examples that drill into the process of marketing any venture for success – without the need for a large budget.

Furthermore, the book will also chronicle how Littlejohn himself established his company using a $500 investment and how he was able to successfully pitch to some of the world’s top companies.

The Marketing Fallacy will be available on paperback and audiobook on November 1, 2020. The book is also scheduled for an eBook release.

To learn more about The Marketing Fallacy. You may contact Norgress Books by emailing or by phone at 1-888-505-5681.

SOURCE: Norgress Technologies Corp.