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TEL AVIV, Israel, August 20, 2020 ( – According to research conducted by the UX Writing Hub, there’s an exciting new role for copywriters that’s exploding right now — yet almost no one is talking about it.

The biggest lesson to come out of 2020 so far is that if there’s a single industry that’s going to continue to thrive, it’s technology.

That’s why, today, more and more copywriters are learning how to become UX (user experience) writers, which is another name for writers who write for digital things like websites, mobile apps, emails, blog posts, and more.

What is UX Writing?

Think about a few popular websites or apps like Amazon, maybe the dating app Tinder, or perhaps Google Maps. Three very different apps for very different purposes. But what do they all have in common? They all have content and plenty of it.

From the elements that show visitors how to navigate through the app, to different buttons and information, the words that a company chooses have a big impact on the behavior of the millions of people who use the app or website.

In fact, the text on one single button can make or break the user experience of a website.

But finding the right words doesn’t happen by accident. In fact, there are many smart people running tests to figure out which words work best in a digital interface, and they’re called UX copywriters or, in short, UX writers.

Why it matters to copywriters

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small business or a startup company, the words used throughout an app or website have a huge impact on the customer experience and, ultimately, the success of a business.

Today, almost all businesses have some kind of online presence. This means they must know how to communicate their product’s message to the right audience at the right time — an extremely challenging task.

The UX writing market is exploding

Most big companies are now hiring UX writers: Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and many others.

It seems almost every day now another company reaches out to the UX Writing Hub, asking to be introduced to a UX writing student. That’s pretty great considering the fact that many countries are facing a recession.

How to get started with UX writing?

Read books: there are many books out there related to creating better digital experiences. This list is a great place to start.

Online groups: There are many professional UX writing discussion groups on the internet including on Facebook and Reddit.

Professional courses: the UX Writing Hub offers plenty of UX writing courses for all levels. This free UX writing module is a great way to get started.

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